Saturday, September 25, 2010


Last night was exactly how reborn Jack should be.

The initial plan was to celebrate my friend's ascension to the 18th year alongside with her friends, whom all I don't know, at Mr B's Nightclub. I admit that I was a little annoyed that I was told to "come earlier (9.30pm)" only to find out that she cannot get in herself until 12am when she is OFFICIALLY 18, despite her successes at infiltrating clubs as a promoter prior to 18.

SO ... J-man left the party and headed to Darling Harbor to join cousin JBo. Oh, by the way, I was semi-tipsy, so crossing heavy traffic from Pitt St/World Square to Dock Side/Darling Harbor is fairly dangerous (and is not recommended for any children, who drinks). I managed to convince her to join her friends at a club that she initially refused to go, namely, Pontoon. Sure it was a shit club, but you just gotta make it good.

I awesomized it. Slamming drinks. Busting moves. Feeling good. I was on the dancefloor like I never did. Guys and girls alike were watching my footwork (I've always known, I've never felt comfortable to do it, because I'm never too sure of what I'm actually doing or whether any of it was good).

The best part of it is ... White girls shoved JBo's guy friends away so they could move-it with me~!! I didn't get any of this when JBo was around and people clearly thought she was my girlfriend.

However, my goal was this revealingly dressed Asian girl. Not for love ... but to dance with. When one of our dudes failed with her, J-man was on the move. BUT she left the club. DAMN, because we kept looking at each other. But we stayed and kept dancing away, sweatin' sweats and shakin' it.

They came up to say, "good moves, man". Oh, I'll take this post to say ... JBo's friends are cool.

Last night ... I released. We released.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Last night I travelled 2.5 hours up north to see my friend's stage performance. I figured, I don't do much for her and we have been friends for over a decade, might as well do something nice.

The performance was known as Quickies III, by first year students in Diploma in Acting, Newcastle Academy of Acting.

She did about 6/10(?) short plays ranging from comedic dialogues to dramatic monologues. I have to say that it was rather interesting to watch and I got to empathize some of the characters (especially, and strangely, the tragic ones). Nice to see that she took the effort to learn an accent for her impression of a Jewish figure reflecting on a Nazi incident. Bravo.

Whereas for me, I might want to reconsider my cast for "Honey, I Love You", which by the way, ladies and gentlemen, is a psychotic thriller and NOT a romantic ladidda.