Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday was a big day. Not exactly for me, but for my brother who married his long-time girlfriend.

I was chosen to be a groomsman (best man went to my other brother, and I understand that), and it was my job to make sure the minor things were done right, mainly guest related. Though I didn't do the best at it, I believe it was good enough since there were no complaints.

The day started off in a rush. I woke up at 6.15am, with only 3 hours of sleep the night prior, and we had to get ready and leave to the bride's house at 7. The so-called "games" were DAMN man. I almost lost my first-kiss to a dude. I'll explain, at the bride's house, the girl would mess around with the guys, making them do stupid shit. One in particular was passing a seaweed slice to the next dude using only mouths. I assure you that we weren't allowed to bite down on it, or we would be punished (I can't imagine what's worse).

Anyway, tea ceremony there and tea ceremony back at my place. My next task was to rush my Dad to the reception hall (by the way, he prepared ALL the food from scratch) to guide the cooks into doing what they have to do.

Next, I drove to the ceremony, which was held WAAAAAY on the other side, at Curzon Hall. There were little task. Stand around and look good. The sun was in our eyes, and with all those cameras, it was difficult not to give them dirties (by that, I mean squinting). There were a few laughs at the ceremony. The vowels had something creative like mocking each other and the best man's gold-fish-ness (may I remind you, that my second brother has a very short attention-span and that kicked in when the Celebrant was explaining his tasks to him). After that, we had a newly-wed/bridal party photo-shoot.

Rush all the way back home to prepare the project/laptop/my brother's stuff (which he forgot to do the night before) ... all in 5 minutes.

I already considered myself late, because it was 5.15pm, and I haven't got anything prepared or tested. However, we managed to test all the DJ's equipment, projector, laptop, and get the hall presentable before letting the guests in. Oh, did I mention that the bridal party was meant to do a dance? Well, we hadn't rehearsed or anything. So, in the make-up room, we just came up with this little routine and though I came up with my own dance AND did okay in rehearsal, I screwed it up so badly in the actual performance. When I went around talking to guests, or when they came up to toast the bridal table, they poked fun at me, saying stuff like, "Hey Jack, I love your shaolin". My rebuttal? "Shut up, man. I screwed up. But I have one big surprise for everyone in this room later".

And I did. Remember the "Restoration" post? About a slideshow project for my brother and sister-in-law? Well, it was WELL received from the bride's family and friends as well as our side. So I felt really good.

Here is part 1 of 4 sections

"Jackey, as you can see, is extremely talent. But he is also single and looking, ladies" the MC (my brother's friend) said. And I was embarrassed, but prepared for it. I just pretended to say, "What are you talking about?" and continued doing my stuff.

My brother (the best man) took the dancefloor before and after the alcohol. Everyone praised him and he believes that he has established his reputation as a dancer amongst both sides of the families. While I established myself as a computer geek/designer. Meh.

So ... I'm pretty much the only cousin in the whole family to be completely sober, because as the designated driver or 2 BENZ and 1 LEXUS, and a Green P-plater, I cannot drink. Naturally, I replaced drunkness with my personally hypo-ness to gather enough will to dance. And for some reason, it was my job to make sure people dance. How I did it? Good you ask. I simply did my dance, which I think were stupid, and then gesture people to come. Once or twice it worked, but for the times that it didn't I personally jogged to the tables to pull girls out because Girls + Dancefloor = Guys joining Girls on Dancefloor.

That day and night was awesome. This wedding was far different to the ones I attended and this is because the bride is a banana (yellow [Asian] on the outside and white[well, White] on the inside, whereas the others were mangoes [fully yellow].

It was legen- wait for it ...