Saturday, January 29, 2011

Remember Me

It has been many months since I wrote my last set of lyrics. Naturally, my writing style isn't as creative as they used to be, but I work with what I got. This little number is something I wrote because I've been suffering heaps of inevitable dramas in life and the pressure had pushed me very close to suicide on numerous occasions.

I just want to say that life will give you challenges and you will feel intimidated, but it is the strong ones who could jump over these obstacles and walk towards to next one. I'm still fighting for survival and it seems that I am losing, but I'm still alive.

"Remember Me" is pretty much a title for the collection of pieces that I've written over the years. There is no music to it, and vice versa, the music have no lyrics to it, but I figured that I could just throw a title to it, regardless.

Anyway ... enjoy =)

Hang In There
Sometimes the sky will turn grey
And it will begin to rain
Sometimes the road ahead will fade
And your hopes get hidden in the shade

I have felt your pain, friend
I know it must be strainin’
But trust me it will be alright

Never lose your faith and
The cloud will move away then
Things will change and there will be sunlight

If you just …

(Hang in there) You can get pass this if you just
(Hang in there) Things will get better if you just
(Hang in there) Nothing can stop you if you just
(Hang in) There-eh (Hang in) There-eh (Hang in)

Hang in there
[End Chorus]

Copyright 2011
Jackey Tran