Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hello again,

(This marks the first post not to have a "re" title)
I know it has been a while since my last post. There has been a lot of psychological pressure and reality issues to deal with over the passed however many months. BUT, I'm not here to blag on about my disastrous life. Instead, I am here to talk about my newest project.

Those who've seen my Facebook would have noticed that I've been updating my status with the phrase, "Smile Everyone =)"; this is indeed the tag-line to my next project, one that I call Project Smile.

What it is, is a photo slideshow.
But unlike the The Newly Weds, this will include live-action alongside of animation. But unlike Friend's Birthday Message, the animation and live-action will interact from time to time as opposed to playing one after the other. It is going to be fairly dynamic and ever-changing, a notion established by part 04 of The Newly Weds. Hence, this would be protrayed in a manner similar to common music videos.

I developed the idea after listening to the song by Uncle Kracker, which would also be the feature song to this slideshow. It will be a tribute to my family and friends, those who have affected my life. Once again, although my nature is very dark and sinister, this video will be bright and gentle (if I do it long enough, perhaps I could rid myself of the evil).

My goal? To get people to smile. And to show my family and friends the love =)