Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ever since I took a step into medial production, my head has been overwhelmed with visual images. Even though I haven't made a real name for myself out there, every time I listen to certain songs, a whole story will unwrap in my head and I would continue to refine it each time I hear it. The only thing stopping me from filming and producing it, is a)my lack of knowledge in professional film production, and b)cast.

I have once asked a few friends of mine if they were interested. Even though they agreed, I do not expect them to keep to their words because I know that life is no longer as flexible as it used to be. Time is a killer for everyone.

What are those songs? And, what have I in-store for them?

Timbaland - Morning After Dark.
A deeply dark toned background, with strong orange-yellow lighting on cast. They are supported by feint smoke and several effects to gradually make the cast look demonic. I want it to be eerie, yet cool. One particular idea I have was to include a salsa dance (initially rehearsed for the wedding, but later dropped). However, my concern is whether it works well with the atmosphere created.

Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush (remix).
A rainy atmosphere with a couple looking like a confrontation is about to happen. The female lead will try to dominate the male as he tries to talk (not to be over-used). One particular imagery I have is heavily inspired by a drawing I saw. And that is: on the long road/highway (could be both), the man places on his hand on his chest and rips out his heart. He then hands it over to the female lead. However, she takes it and walks off. (another take on it, is she takes it from him).

Jay Sean - Do You Remember
Frankly. I semi proud of it. Why not fully? It's not done. Anyway, it begins with a couple sitting by a candlelight dinner. And the male lead is singing his lines to the girl. When Jay sings, "there's nothing left to say, don't waste another day", the couples are already on the streets. The male lead is very playful and dances around the female lead. Do You Remember chorus is sung while the male performs a dance number in front of the female. "Left's bring it back, left's bring it back" is done while male lead calls for his mate (clearly rehearsed) to take their seats and pick up the stringed instruments. You see where I'm going with this. The little string piece is performed like a mini orchestra, male lead being the 'conductor'(?) I'm not done with it completely, because every time I hear the song, my mind changes.

Linkin Park - New Divide.
This one was in my head first and it was before I worked with After Effects. Anyway, I wanted it to be as explosive as the song. So it works with heavy shaky camera work. It begins on top a wrecked building (referencing In The End). Then a disastrous wind storm throws the band into a rocky island. At the climax of the song, it will include a massive outburst and shockwave across the ocean. I don't know. It as first, but I never thought about it thoroughly.

Usher - OMG.
Yeah, who can possibly beat Usher? No one. But it doesn't mean no one can do something different. My video includes a lot of dance moves and uses light streams to help imitate a dancefloor. I can't explain much, but it's all in my head. But what I can say is that it's more Asian-y and has a touch of 70s disco and Usher in it.

One last time isn't a song ... but a story I have in my head called, "Honey, I Love You" which is a thriller involving a husband and wife in an increasingly bad relationship which each other and increasingly disturbing fascination with their respective suitors, and its effect on their spouses. As many of you know, I have a strange vision much like that of Tim Burton, but my ideas may come across as brutal for my friends to be involved with such a project.

But who knows ...