Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1020 In-Development

I am finally on my way in creating the "1020" division. But first, let me explain a little bit about what 1020 is.

Who Am I?
1020 is a division within our family's catering business, which focuses on media production. As 1020's creator and manager, my role is to develop and produce artful presentations for clients prior and during their events. 1020 focuses on two major aspects: video and websites.

Within our video department, my key role is to develop and produce artful presentations for clients in accordance to their purpose whether it be a wedding slideshow or a birthday roast video.

Our website development department focuses on, as its title implies, developing websites. My clients are vastly diverse, ranging from event or promotion to product awareness. My vision is to create minimalistic websites as it is more eye and user friendly.

Why Am I?
As for its name, 1020 is simply a representation of my initials. That is, the tenth and twentieth letter of the alphabet, "J" and "T". As for why this division was created, well, as graphic and film enthusiast I like to apply my skills in an area that is comfortable and constantly changing. After a well-received presentation on a wedding night in 10-10-10 and a second highly-praised presentation on 28-05-11, I decided to pursue this avenue.

Where Am I?
As 1020 is still in development, the only conact information I can provide is my non-work related email:
I hope to have my video, work email, website, and business card ready as soon as I can.

So excited. See ya ~